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Quality tools, resources and services to help you with all of your business development needs. Business plans, contracts, website design, marketing, brand development and more. Browse all of our business development services and experience the opportunities that Impact HR Solutions has to offer you.

Providing you with everything you need to build the best team possible for your business. From the perfect job descriptions and executive hiring, to everything you need for employee onboarding and training, we’re here to stand by you for the long run.

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Let us help you land that perfect job! We can help you get the perfect resume together and find your dream job. Providing you with professional headshots, interview preparation, career coaching and so much more to make you look good and stand out to any employer.

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Impact HR Solutions works to supply you with the best staff possible, to help you establish a winning team for your business success. We’re there for you every step of the way. We’re in it for the long run, always by your side when you need us.

I have been working with Impact HR Solutions for almost a year now, and can honestly say that I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone that is in need of any of the services they provide! Shenique and Wendy are WONDERFUL women to work with, and truly help to create a personalized and amazing experience within each area of service they are providing you with. They have helped my business extrodinarily over the past year, within helping me source and hire new talent, getting all contracts and legal sides of things taken care of and everything else in between. This company is a true treasure, and genuinely keeps the the best interest of your business in mind when you work with them. Forget Google, there’s no need to search anymore, I can personally guarantee you’ve found EXACTLY what you’re looking for and that they will go beyond your expectations. Thank you Shenique and Wendy for everything you and your team has done, it’s been a true blessing working with you both and I look forward to continue working together for the long run!

Madison Nelson

Owner, Successful Creations INTL

Shenique is a remarkable resume writer. She understands the true purpose of a resume. She is also a trusted career advisor. I am very pleased with the process and final results. I recommend her services to anyone looking to transform their resume into a job creator.

Jeff Lawson

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